Aaron daly

Aaron was born and raised in southern California. He was one of four children raised in

a single parent home until the age of eleven, when his mother married his step-father, at

which point he became one of six children in a blended family. Always intense and onedge

because of fear, he found comfort in the back hills of his home. It was there that

he could be still and put the thoughts of his mind together. Not only was it a place

where he could stop and reflect, but it was also a place full of adventure, exploration,

and beauty.

At age twenty, Aaron surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ, offering up his life of

shambles for a relationship of love, and he never looked back. As he fell more in love

with the Lord, God patiently patched his broken life back together and began to put a

calling on his heart. That calling was youth ministry. He soon found the perfect place to

continue to grow in his relationship with God while ministering to young people at a

camp in the foothills of the Sierras. The camp was called Rock n Water, and it was there

that he was able to share his love for God with kids in the beauty of His creation. He

served as an adventure guide and camp counselor for three summers there, and then

moved into a more full-time ministry role as a Youth Pastor at a small church in San

Diego. It was there that he met and fell in love with his best friend, Rebekah.


Rebekah was born in San Diego, but grew up outside of Washington, DC, in Virginia.

The second of five children, she was blessed to have God-fearing parents who raised

her to know Jesus, although it wasn’t until her eighth grade year that she really made

the decision to follow Christ for herself. Like a typical middle-born, Rebekah was easygoing

and levelheaded; she followed the natural trajectory of most of her peers: Middle

School, High school, a four year college--and then her life took a sharp deviation...

Answering what she believed to be a calling from God that she felt acutely but couldn’t

quite define, she decided to move to San Diego. Without a job firmly in place, or any

Californian friends or familial ties, Rebekah packed up all she could fit into her car and

headed west to live out the great adventure with Jesus.

And she has never once looked back on her decision with regret.

Over the course of the last eight years, Rebekah has been a barista, a caseworker for

an urban ministry nonprofit, a full-time Youth Director at a church, and she now works as

a server at a restaurant in downtown San Diego. But it was when she was volunteering

in youth ministry that she first met and fell in love with Aaron. He was working as a fulltime

electrician and juggling a church position as a Youth Pastor at the same time, and

Rebekah came alongside to help. They tag-teamed, with Aaron being responsible for

the high school students, and Rebekah teaching the middle school students and helping

out with high schoolers as she was able. As it turned out, they made a pretty good team,

when it came to doing youth ministry! She was won over by Aaron’s love for the Lord

and his sincere heart to minister to the students in his youth group, and Aaron was

drawn to her *ahem* exquisite beauty, her seemingly inexhaustible patience, and her

heart to serve. (And the rest, as they say, is history!)

In 2013 they married, and set out to work and save money like crazy for the ultimate

purpose of being able to effectively move into full-time ministry unencumbered. Good on

his word, Aaron has diligently worked as a career electrician, and Rebekah has saved

up tips from waiting tables in order to move forward with Kids in Creation. Our heart is to

connect kids to God through the medium of His creation, sharing with them the love of

Jesus as we build relationships and venture into the outdoors together.