Our Mission

Our mission is two fold. 

First, we are dedicated to finding ways to get kids into creation. 

Second, we are committed to funding people and programs that get kids into creation. 


Finding ways to get your kids out in creation

Kids in Creation generates and refines opportunities for youth to experience God through His creation by equipping camps, youth leaders, teachers and parents across the nation to provide adventures in nature. We desire to see every youth in America connect with God through His creation in powerful and meaningful ways on a regular basis. We know that through adventures in creation, Christian leadership, and the Holy Spirit, American youth will discover Jesus Christ in more depth. We envision adventure camps, traditional camps, church youth ministries, Christian schools, and families adapting and building programs to such an extent that no child lacks life-changing opportunities with The Creator in creation.


Funding people and programs

The dynamics of our mission are:

• To provide quality support for camps and development of adventure programs in the form of campership funds, directional seminars, program development consulting, staff training, and program grants. 
• To inspire and enable camps, youth ministries, schools, and parents with hands-on seminars and gear that equips them with vision, confidence, and logistical help to lead their youth on simple excursions into God’s creation.
• To ensure that each dollar invested builds more opportunities for life-changing experiences in creation.